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Vivitar Bluetooth Speaker Vf60016bt

If you're scouring for a high-quality bluetooth speaker that will make your music experience a notch better, search no more than the bt, this device comes with a black usb cable that gives you facile access to your music without having to constantly carry around a separate cable. The bluetooth 4, 2 specification means that bluetooth speaker is can easily handle up to 16 hours of play time and 2 hours of talk time. Additionally, it gives a feature that will let you stream your music even when you're off line, which is really helpful if you don't have a lot of music to listen to on repeat.

Vivitar Bluetooth Speaker Vf60016bt Ebay

The Vivitar bluetooth speaker is a high-quality speaker that is sure to offer some serious audio quality, with a black finish, this speaker is sure to provide plenty of the usb cable makes it straightforward to recharge the speaker, and the stereo streaming makes it basic to hear over a loud environment. The Vivitar bluetooth speaker is a high-quality speaker that offers a high level of performance and features, this speaker is an outstanding addition to your home as it is a good sound quality and gives a rechargeable battery. This speaker is likewise stereo streaming meaning you can have two people in conversation at the same time, the Vivitar bluetooth speaker is a splendid product for somebody who wants to have a quality conversation. This Vivitar bluetooth speaker is a top-notch value for the price you pay, it is a stereo speaker that uses black usb cable to connect to a computer or phone. This device as well rechargeable, so you can leave the talk button on the phone on while using the speaker, this bluetooth speaker is a top-grade addition to your home or office. This speaker is a beneficial way for admirers who are digging for a black color and an usb cable, the bluetooth feature makes it uncomplicated to make calls and control your phone from your entertainment center.