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Sony Cube Bluetooth Speaker

The Sony srs-xb01 is a high-quality bluetooth speaker that features an extra bass that makes it beneficial for water-resistant music listening, this speaker also features a wireless function so that you can keep track of your music playback on the go.

Red Sony SRS-XB01 EXTRA BASS Portable Water-Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


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Subwoofer Heavy Bass Sound System Party

12" Portable FM Bluetooth Speaker



Subwoofer Heavy Bass Sound System Party

Bluetooth Sound Bar Wireless Bass

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Red Sony Bluetooth Speaker

Red Sony bluetooth speaker 8 4400 w portable fm bluetooth sound system for parties, music, voice chat, and more! With this powerful speaker, you'll be able to enjoy your music more with greater sound quality, the Sony srs-xb01 compact portable bluetooth speaker is excellent for individuals who enjoy to listen to music while on the go. This speaker is packed with features and can connect to your computer, phone, and even a tv, with its bluetooth technology and voice-activated feature, Sony srs-x5 portable bluetooth wireless speaker is exquisite for when you want to talk to someone without having to carry around a house full of bluetooth devices. The Sony srs-xb10 xtra bass portable wireless bluetooth speaker is sterling for admirers who yearn for a clear voice and feel in their music, the speaker imparts a built-in microphone and text recognition for uncomplicated user interface. The srs-xb10 xtra bass portable wireless bluetooth speaker also features a black finish and comes with a charge cord, the Sony Cube bluetooth speaker is an unrivaled addition to your smartphone or computer. This speaker offers a swivel head that makes it facile to move the speaker around the room, the srs-xb01 means that you can have extra- loud sound with a portable sound system. The speaker imparts a factor of 20 to ensure that you'll always have a hearable voice.