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Sbode Bluetooth Speaker

This replacement 2-port usb charger for bluetooth speaker is excellent for when you don't have or want to patience to charge your device using your old charger, the new charger will charge your device in minutes without the need to go to the store again. This charger as well compatible with the m400 bluetooth device.

Sbode Bluetooth Speaker Portable Waterproof Outdoor Wireless Speakers

This is a replacement for the bluetooth speaker, it is a portable wireless speaker that charges quickly and easily. It is further water resistant, this charger is for the bluetooth speaker. It is an 2-port usb charger and it can charge up to 2 devices at the same time, the bluetooth speaker renders a fast charging speed that allows you to charge your devices in no time. This charger is furthermore backed by a money-back guarantee so you can be sure you're getting a quality product, this 5 ft 2. 0 usb cable for bluetooth speaker-sbode m400 will allow you to connect your device to your home or office without ever having to go out, the usb cable is long and slim, making it peerless for busy mommies and daddies who adore to watch tv and listen to music. This replacement 2-port usb charger for bluetooth speaker is valuable for when you need quick for your device, the charger hates being held up to the light to a side, so make sure it's uncomplicated and quick to handle this charger with your favorite device. The charger is fabricated from durable plastic and presents a standard usb 3, 0 interface, so you can easily and quickly transfer files or messages.