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Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

The Levitating bluetooth speaker is a valuable surrogate to add some to your music, with its high-quality sound and basic control, you'll be able to set up the speaker in minutes whether you're a lover of high-end music or just want to hear it more.

Magnetic Levitation Bluetooth Speaker

This powerful and magnetic speaker is exquisite for playing with friends or family, with its infinity orb design, you can use it as an exhibit or presentation piece. Also fantastic for work or travel, the is a new, lower end to lower end bluetooth speaker. It is a sleek, sleek design with a small, small design, it is a small, small speaker that floating on the ground. It is a speaker that will-iskin everyone who tries to carry it with them, looking for a magical and amazing experience with your friends? Search no more than the Levitating bluetooth speaker rui x in d an ufo speakers with lid that will levitate with you. With this device, you can enjoy effect on your music as it travels to your hearth, the Levitating bluetooth speaker renders an unique design where the magnetic piece takes up space on the side of the box and then the speaker is attached to the top. The speaker is able to levitate which makes it top-rated for suspend happy hour drinks or drink media applications, the speaker also gives an 4. 0 led flash that can power up your device for a while before returning to your unit, the speaker is also king of thorns in the blackberry like bluetooth speaker.