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Ihome Vanity Mirror With Bluetooth Speaker

The outstanding addition to your home, the Ihome Vanity Mirror With bluetooth speaker is superb for making a statement, this Mirror With speaker provides an 6 in x 8 in size and is new, so to ensure you have a splendid Mirror at a sterling time, visit Ihome today.

With Bluetooth Speaker Icvbt15

iHome 10x Beauty Vanity Mirror

By iHome Beauty


Ihome Bluetooth Speaker Mirror

This is a brand new bluetooth speaker Mirror that you can use to reflect your view into your bathroom into other rooms in your home, the Mirror imparts an 6 x8 inch size and is fabricated from durable materials such as plastic and plastic. It is best-in-the-class for showing off your bathroom to others or for storing your items when you're not in the bathroom, the lighted Mirror also grants a sound system that lets you control the sound from your home or anywhere in the world. This is a top-of-the-heap alternative to add a touch of luxury to your home or to keep your bathroom scouring modern and elegant, this is a brand new Ihome Vanity Mirror With bluetooth speaker. It is dandy for suitors who ache for an effortless to adopt area in their home, the Mirror renders an 6 in. Vanity Mirror With charger and 8 in, Vanity Mirror With charger. It is exceptional for everyone's needs, the Ihome reflects Vanity Mirror With bluetooth speaker in black. It extends an 2 year warranty and is backed by a no- hassle warranty, it is superb for someone who wants to make their home more stylish and personal. The unequaled Vanity Mirror to improve your home appearance, this Ihome bluetooth Vanity Mirror offers a powerful speaker to help you talk to friends or family in private, With its bright light and speaker, you can easily see what's going on.