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Ihome Bluetooth Speaker Color Changing

The is a Color Changing wireless portable speaker system that lets you change the Color of your choice with your home, you can also add a photo of your item to show that it is "a bluetooth speaker. " the is valuable for or storing up a new collection of music.

iHome Model : iBT84 Color changing Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Ihome Bluetooth Speaker Color Changing

The ihomebluetooth speaker is a rechargeable bluetooth speaker that changes colors according to the current weather condition, the speaker offers a loud sound and can last up to two hours of playing music or communication. It is manufactured from durable materials and can be carried around with you, the is a color-changing bluetooth speaker with a charging cord that changes colors according to the current message. It is a terrific gift for the interested person's collection of blue-hued possessions, the bluetooth speaker is a high-quality and sleek bluetooth speaker system that can change up your home atmosphere. This system provides a variety of Color Changing options that will let you set up a different tone for your home, while also charged during the day, with its easy-to-use app and sleek design, the is exquisite for an individual who wants to enjoy sound and talk phone without ever having to leave her living room.