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Billboard Bluetooth Speaker

The Billboard bluetooth speaker provides a sleek, sleek design and a powerful sound that will make you stand out at the office or on the stage, with its digital display and bright led light, the Billboard is top-of-the-line for listening to music or voice commands.

billboard bluetooth speaker

Billboard Bluetooth Speakers

The Billboard bluetooth speaker is a water-resistant speaker that is practical for lovers needs, with a black color, Billboard water-resistant wireless bluetooth speaker is basic to find and is top-rated for your business or home. How to reset Billboard bluetooth speaker: 1, remove the battery from speaker 2. Remove the two wires (the green and the black) from the speaker, one near the front and one near the back, twist each wire around the front and back wire ends to remove any plastic gear from the front and back of the speaker. Twist the wires back to their original positions and remove the battery from speaker, connect Billboard to your phone or computer with bluetooth and press the "reset" button. The Billboard speaker is a portable bluetooth speaker that lets you connect to Billboard ads and hear sound when you're working or relaxing, the speaker renders an 2-voice speaker system with and micro champ for straightforward audio control. It also offers a rechargable battery and includes a built-in 30-degree sound angle, the Billboard wireless water resistant speaker bluetooth - black is valuable for lovers who appreciate a good sound system but don't want to invest in a dedicated water-resistant speaker. This speaker is backed by a durable build and features heard things, able to handle up to -6 db of sound damage, plus, it features a built-in microphone for voice chat or.