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Axess Bluetooth Speaker Spbt 1074

Introducing the Axess speaker system with its 1074 model, this entry-level product is unequaled for folks who wish for the convenience of an indoor outdoor bluetooth speaker, while the built-in fm allows for basic listening in any position. This product comes with a free travel case, so you can be sure that you're getting a quality product at a first-class price.

Cheap Axess Bluetooth Speaker Spbt 1074

The Axess bluetooth speaker is an unrivaled surrogate to have an extra speaker around, this speaker is designed with a built-in fm radio and battery so you can run it down on the go. The speaker also gives an 1074 type if breathable fabric which makes it look and feel more expensive, this speaker is facile to set up and works with both voice and text messages. The speaker gives an 10-watt sound force and is protected by a built-in fm radio, the Axess is top-quality for indoor or outdoor use. The Axess bluetooth speaker is unrivalled for outdoor use, this valuable device grants a built-in fm radio so you can hear sounds over an open area. The speaker also imparts a sound quality that is good for medium to high volumes, the Axess bluetooth speaker as well basic to clean and is top-grade for folks who wish for a basic to handle and dcor-friendly speaker. This beautiful speaker renders an 1074 model that is enticing for both voice and text chat, the speaker also features a rechargeable battery that makes it terrific for long or larger events.